What baby items can I buy second-hand?

Buying second-hand is good. But for babies, sometimes it is better to buy new items for safety reasons.

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You’re starting to think about getting ready for the baby’s arrival. No need to bother with new items: they will be used very little at best because the baby’s needs change quickly, at worst they will be totally useless. Especially since the bill can rise quickly: parents spend an average of 16,000 euros for a baby up to the age of three!

Buying second-hand for your baby, an economical and ecological solution… but not systematic

The solution to avoid expenses (and the manufacture of useless objects) is therefore the purchase of second-hand goods. This works very well for babies, as objects are generally used very little.

Second hand baby clothes

Baby items not to be bought second-hand

But for safety reasons, it is better to avoid recovering certain second-hand items that may be dangerous for your baby.

The car seat

If you have a car, it is better to buy a new car seat. Indeed, if the car seat has been damaged, it can be damaged without being seen and be dangerous for the baby in case of a new impact. In addition, there are expiry dates for car seats (usually after six years) that are difficult to check.

You can possibly get a car seat from trusted people if you know the full history of the seat.

Vintage items: cradle, high chair…

Oh, the beautiful wicker basket that belonged to your mother! The beautiful wooden high chair very vintage! Indeed, the baby items of yesteryear are very pretty. But they are also often impractical and can be dangerous.

vintage stroller

Vintage strollers, which are not very practical and safe, should be avoided! 

Today’s highchairs are equipped with safety systems to prevent your baby from falling or getting stuck that didn’t exist thirty or forty years ago.

Similarly, bar beds are highly regulated today and must be equipped with a safety standard. You can easily acquire a second-hand one if it has the NF EN 716-1 safety standard, but it is better to avoid the baskets of yesteryear: the risks of choking or falling are increased.

Bath articles for the bath

Do not buy or collect any second-hand bath items (seat, carpet…) if there are traces of mould. They can be dangerous to your baby’s health when used.

Also, avoid collecting second-hand bath toys, which may contain leftover water that has crouched. Anyway, for the bath, a plastic bathtub (or even a large basin!) is enough, which you can buy second-hand.

Baby items that can be bought second-hand

Internet is full of thousands of childcare articles, almost new, at unbeatable prices, so let’s enjoy it…

Second-hand baby toys

No problem buying used baby toys while they are still in good condition. Before buying, check that the baby is not likely to swallow (teddy bear eyes, doll’s clothes, small parts…).

Similarly, avoid older toys (especially plastic) that may contain dangerous products, as the control standards are less stringent than at present.

Second-hand baby clothes

No problem buying or recovering used baby clothes. However, check that the buttons are securely attached and that there is no cord that could strangle him.

Always wash baby clothes well before putting them on.

For reasons of comfort rather than safety, you are still advised to buy new baby shoes (but he doesn’t need them for another year).

The strollers

Here too, you can buy a used stroller as long as it is still in good condition. Check that it complies with the NF EN 1888:2012 standard that all strollers placed on the market since autumn 2013 must have. This standard is a guarantee of safety for your baby.

Similarly, if you buy a used stroller, make sure it is not a model recalled by the manufacturer due to defects (e. g. Baby Elegance’s “Flex” stroller that has been the subject of a product recall).

The second-hand stroller? Second hand clothes? The minimalist toilet? Well done, you have a (almost) zero waste baby! Also think of cloth diapers….