Renate Hennessy is a tempera painter of some twenty years, coming originally from Thuringia, the 'Green Heart of Germany', now living and working in Leigh-on-Sea, England.

Renate is inspired by Northern European mythic imagery, particularly those myths close to the love of the land and the figures that symbolize the fecundity of nature.She renders her feelings for this imagery in strong colours and hopes that these iconic images will speak to people and awaken in them the same love that she has for subjects such as the Green Man and the Green Woman that emanate from the living landscape.

Egg tempera paint consists of dry pigments, water and egg (usually the yolk only). It dries to the touch in seconds and more layers of paint can be applied within minutes. The paint is laid down in thin layers, each coat glowing through the subsequent over-painting, giving the painting a unique luminosity.

Traditionally, egg tempera is applied to a wooden panel, which has been treated with several layers of gesso, a mixture of chalky pigment (whiting), glue and water.

Renate is a member of the The Egg Tempera Society




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